***Skype & Phone Sessions Available for Clients Nationwide***

As individuals, we are all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. Aquarian Age Hypnotherapy will work on all of these levels simultaneously to help you achieve your goals and to develop your own divine wisdom. Our spiritual consulting and hypnotherapy sessions use these powerful tools:

-      Guided Relaxation

-      Imagery and Positive Affirmation

-      Inner Power/Higher Power

-      Intuition

-      Clairvoyance

-      Clairsentience

-      Clairaudience


We all experience hypnosis whenever we daydream, or while we are driving down the highway and suddenly realize we have been totally unaware of the road because we’ve been “thinking” of something else.  This is natural hypnosis known as Alpha consciousness, it occurs every day in our lives. Hypnotherapy works with the deepest level of hypnosis known as Delta consciousness. This state of relaxation allows you to work on a subconscious level creating lasting changes in a shorter period of time. In order for hypnosis to be successful the individual must be willing and open.


Have you ever wondered why, when you try to change your life, nothing seems to work?  It is because you are working against one of the strongest forces in human nature, homeostasis, the desire to stay the same. Your subconscious mind is programmed to keep you doing exactly those things it believes you want.  Even if you have consciously changed your mind your subconscious mind will continue doing what it has always done and you will continue to get the same results.

Hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious mind. Through hypnosis we gain direct access to your subconscious and rescript to make dramatic improvements in your life. Hypnotherapy offers you an effective, relaxing, comfortable drug-free choice for change.


Your session will be a pleasant, peaceful, relaxing and completely confidential experience.  We will sit down with you and discreetly discuss your presenting issues.  We will advise a therapy plan that will most rapidly achieve your desired results.  After completing your session you will emerge from hypnosis feeling rested and calm, with a new positive outlook on life.


Your imagination is a powerful tool. By enhancing the awareness of your existing subconscious imagery you will learn how to transform, guide and focus those images to achieve your personal objectives.

The desire for self-direction is validated and expanded to bring about profound change.  We encourage and empower our clients to take an active role in their healing and growth processes and to strengthen the mind/body connection through the practice and development of guided mental therapeutic imagery.

Imagery has a long history in the healing traditions of mankind. The long-standing knowledge that imagery can be a critical component of a healing experience is distinguished when we consider the vital roles played by placebos, suggestions and positive expectant faith. Therapeutic imagery focuses on using the natural language of the subconscious.  Imagery is a process that involves all of the senses.  It is beyond visualization.

When our hearts are open, magic happens.  Intuitive wisdom comes calling, creativity flows and our presence becomes a force for healing.